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Our pricing policy benefits our customers.  
Our pricing is based on the amount of data selected for backup, not the amount stored on our servers - an unlimited boundless advantage to our clients. Every backup and every file kept, without charge. This type of pricing policy is not available from our competitors. For example, a customer has 16GB selected for backup, under a 20GB account. After 3 years, the amount stored on our servers for this customer is 200GB – more than 10X larger than the account size. The customer has more than 1,000 backup dates and every file ever backed up ready for restore. Yet, they still have a 20GB account.  

Competitors charge by storage space and routinely delete old backup dates and files.
If they were with one of our competitors over the last 3 years, including so called “unlimited backup” competitors, they would have a mere 12 backup dates stored and 12 versions (copies) maximum of a each file. Or just 1 copy, if the file has not changed in the last 30 days. Or zero copies, if the file was deleted from their machine (they will delete said file from their server too).  As a result, 990 backup dates, and thousands of backed up files gone. This type of policy is great for music, photos, or home data where just 1 backup (copy) of a file is sufficient, but risky for ever changing business data.

Subterranean Managed Accounts - Prices start at $10/YEAR.

With a managed account we take care of everything via a remote connection - we install the Subterranean Software, install Subterranean updates as they are released, perform restores when needed, select new data when new programs are installed or old ones updated on your computer, monitor daily "Backup Successful" emails, be proactive on any issues that arise. Plus you will have a direct number to a support tech person in America. You can change from a Subterranean Managed account, to a Self Managed Account at any time, and vice versa. No change fees.  Click Here to Sign up Now.

Self Managed Accounts - Prices start at $7/YEAR.

With this type of account, you the client, look after your daily Subterranean Online Backups. The more data you have to backup and/or the more PCs/Servers you plan on backing up, the more we encourage Subterranean Managed Accounts. You can change from a Self Managed Account to a Subterranean Managed Account at any time, and vice versa. No change fees. Enter coupon code SELFMANAGE during signup to receive the 30% discount, for self managed accounts.   Click Here to Sign up Now. 

ServerSave Accounts - Call or email for prices.

ServerSave accounts are designed to backup SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint  live. Create bare metal images of your hard drive(s). Stream the bare metal images to a NAS and/or the Subterranean Cloud. ServerSave accounts can be Subterranean Managed or Self Managed - your choice. For more info on our ServerSave Service Click Here.  Call us direct for a quote or Click Here For ServerSave Quote Form








Account Size
Subterranean Managed
Online Backup Service
for Businesses
Self Managed
Online Backup Service
For Businesses
1GB $10/Year $7/Year
3GB $30/Year $21/Year
5GB $50/Year $35/Year
10GB $90/Year $63/Year
20GB $180/Year $126/Year
30GB $270/Year $189/Year
40GB $360/Year $252/Year
50GB $450/Year $315/Year
60GB $510/Year $357/Year
70GB $590/Year $413/Year
80GB $680/Year $476/Year
90GB $760/Year $532/Year
100GB $800/Year $560/Year
200GB $1600/Year $1120/Year
300GB - 1TB Call or
email for quote
Call or
email for quote